Family of Ashli Babbitt Files $30 Million Wrongful Death Action

The family of Ashli Babbitt, an Air Force veteran, and Trump supporter shot and killed on January 6th, has taken legal action by filing a wrongful death lawsuit in Southern California. The lawsuit not only seeks compensation but aims to compel further explanations surrounding Capitol Police Lt. Michael Byrd’s shooting of the unarmed protester as she attempted to climb through a window near the House Chamber.

The complaint alleges troubling facts, questioning the justifiability of lethal force used by Officer Byrd, who admitted to not seeing any weapon before discharging his firearm. Despite Babbitt’s involvement in criminal acts during the riot, the central concern remains whether lethal force was justified in the absence of an immediate threat to the officers or others.

The previous DOJ report, clearing Officer Byrd, raised eyebrows for its deviation from standard post-shooting reviews. The report’s emphasis on the high level of intent required for prosecution raised questions about how the governing standards were applied and seemingly disregarded.

Several key points from the complaint merit attention. It highlights that Babbitt’s hands were visible and empty, and Officer Byrd allegedly failed to identify himself or give any warnings before shooting her.

Moreover, allegations suggest that Officer Byrd gave a false report of shots being fired after he shot Babbitt, adding layers of complexity to the incident.

The lawsuit comprises seven counts, including intentional shooting and killing, negligence, and wrongful death, targeting not only Officer Byrd but also other officers involved, alleging negligence in supervision, discipline, and training.

The case’s significance lies in its potential to provide answers to lingering questions, offering an opportunity for a thorough review of the incident through the discovery process. The family, represented by Judicial Watch, seeks justice and accountability for Ashli Babbitt’s death.

While the Justice Department might pursue dismissal on threshold grounds, the case’s proceedings could shed light on overlooked aspects of the shooting, potentially providing sought-after clarity and closure for many concerned parties.

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