Metro DC Police Officer Identified Who Fired Stinger Ball Munitions into Crowd of Trump Supporters on Jan. 6 Without Warning – Igniting a Riot (VIDEO)

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J6Truth has verified that around 1:24 PM, Metropolitan Police Inspector Glover ordered the deployment of Stinger Ball munitions into a crowd of unsuspecting and peaceful individuals. Importantly, the crowd had not received any lawful order to disperse.

Over the past three years, The Gateway Pundit has consistently covered the disturbing actions of the Washington DC and Capitol Hill Police towards the numerous Trump supporters assembled outside the US Capitol on that fateful day.

Regrettably, four individuals who supported Trump lost their lives or suffered fatalities due to the police’s actions on that day. Unfortunately, the mainstream media has largely neglected to tell their stories.

Moreover, numerous other individuals sustained injuries during the police’s assault on innocent demonstrators.

In a prior interview, TGP’s Jim Hoft discussed the abrupt police aggression towards the crowd on January 6th with Lara Logan.

J6 Truth previously singled out MPD Officer Jimmy Chrisman as the officer responsible for firing Stinger Ball Munition into the assembly of peaceful patriots on January 6th.

Officer Jimmy Crisman has been identified as the individual who fired munitions at the Trump supporters on January 6th without providing any prior warning. It is customary procedure for any crowd to receive three audible warnings, verified by an officer positioned at the back of the crowd to ensure audibility. However, this protocol was not followed.

The deliberate firing of these munitions was intended to provoke the Trump Supporters. The consequences of this action have since become historical events.

Tragically, at least one Trump supporter lost their life when the police commenced firing their munitions without prior warning.

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