LEAK: New Hit Piece on Dan Scavino’s Meeting with Jack Smith in January 6 Case Drops Ahead of Trump Pitch to Appeals Court on Immunity Argument

Another round of revelations surfaces regarding the events of January 6th.

Special Counsel Jack Smith has revealed new insights into former President Trump’s purported lack of action to quell the protests on January 6th, which were disclosed to ABC News before Trump’s appeal to the court regarding claims of immunity.

During the January 6th rally, President Trump urged his supporters to engage in a “peaceful and patriotic” protest.

The focus of the recent disclosure is Trump’s senior advisor, Dan Scavino.

According to ABC News, “Special Counsel Jack Smith’s team has unveiled undisclosed information concerning former President Donald Trump’s reluctance to intervene in the violent attack on the U.S. Capitol three years ago while he remained inside the White House watching television, as reported by sources familiar with Smith’s ongoing investigation into the January 6th events.”

An excerpt from the ABC News report reveals:

“Many new details emerged from the interrogation of Trump’s former deputy chief of staff, Dan Scavino, a longstanding associate who started working for Trump as a teenager three decades ago and currently serves as a paid senior adviser to Trump’s reelection campaign. Despite his initial reluctance to engage with the House select committee’s investigation into January 6th, Scavino eventually provided insights to Smith’s team after a judge dismissed claims of executive privilege last year. ABC News was briefed on significant portions of his testimony.”

Sources indicated that during his conversation with Smith’s investigators, Scavino conveyed that Trump displayed disinterest in taking further action as the violence escalated that day.

Additionally, former Trump aide Nick Luna reportedly informed federal investigators that when Trump was informed of Vice President Mike Pence being moved to a secure location, Trump allegedly responded with indifference, saying, “So what?” This reaction, according to sources, was perceived by Luna as an unexpected willingness by Trump to potentially jeopardize a loyalist.

Sources further revealed that during Scavino’s conversation with Smith’s team, he recounted a phone call with Trump on the night of January 6th, expressing concern: “This is all your legacy here, and there’s smoke coming out of the Capitol.”

Allegedly, Scavino hoped Trump would take steps to ensure a peaceful transfer of power.

This recent disclosure to ABC News surfaces just before the scheduled oral arguments for Trump’s immunity claims at the DC Circuit Court of Appeals in two days.

In September, Trump faced four charges in Jack Smith’s January 6th case in DC, including Conspiracy to defraud the United States, conspiracy to obstruct an official proceeding, obstruction of and attempt to obstruct an official proceeding, and conspiracy against rights.

Trump’s legal team has contended that he enjoys immunity from federal prosecution for alleged actions during his tenure as US President.

Jack Smith bypassed the appellate court and directly approached the US Supreme Court regarding Trump’s immunity claims.

The US Supreme Court, last month, declined Jack Smith’s request to expedite a ruling on Trump’s immunity argument, opting not to comment on the matter.

The decision now rests with the US Circuit Court of Appeals for DC, and Jack Smith awaits their ruling.

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